Every individual, no matter rich or poor deserves quality and holistic healthcare.

The Foundation has been striving towards building a healthier nation by making healthcare within the reach of every individual for the benefit of the whole of humanity.

Type 1 Diabetes Program

Type 1 Diabetes aka T1D or juvenile diabetes develops when the insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells are mistakenly destroyed by the body’s own immune system. T1D affects children and young adults, who have long and productive lives ahead of them. Given the Hinduja Group’s long-standing strategic philanthropic investments in healthcare, a diabetes program focused on Type 1 Diabetes is an ideal 'champion cause' towards which the Group can direct funds and CSR activities.

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Delivering Quality Rural Healthcare

Quality medical assistance and healthcare facilities are markedly absent in rural areas. The rural population is always less well-off than the urban population with respect to health.

The Foundation aims to eradicate the lack of healthcare facilities in rural India through the deliverance of quality healthcare.

Mobile Healthcare Project

The Foundation has taken up initiatives that have gone beyond the walls of the hospital using Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) to provide quality healthcare to remote areas, where healthcare delivery is sparse.

Mobile Medical Units (MMUs)

The Hinduja Foundation's Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) provide much needed healthcare facilities to the tribal villages in the area.

The MMUs offer preventive, promotive and curative medical expertise to the needy in remote rural areas, especially children and women. They also function as a referral clinic and ambulance in deserving and life-saving cases.

The MMUs operate in tandem with a larger vehicle of Hinduja National Hospital which performs examination, advanced blood testing and X-ray facilities. This is located on the outskirts of the largest village for that week's itinerary.

Funding received for the project is u/s 35AC of IT Act enabling 100% I.T. exemption for donors.

The MMUs are equipped with:
MMUs offer basic healthcare facilities to tribal people in Jawhar, Palghar District, and North Maharashtra

Primary Health Centres

The Foundation has undertaken the upgradation of Primary Health Centres under CSR programs with the support of Group Companies. The Primary Health Centres at Nandgaon and Sakur are in the process of being upgraded in coordination with the Jawhar Collectorate.

See Before & After pictures of the Foundation's work including repairs, upgradation and building, solar lighting, waterproofing, roofing, and more.

P. D. Hinduja Hospital

P. D. Hinduja Hospital is known for several years of rich and traditional history of providing healthcare services.

It was established by the founder, Shri P. D. Hinduja who engaged in innumerable charitable endeavours for the displaced population of India after the traumatic partition of India in 1947. He also established relief centres, organised settlements and set up medical care units.

One such clinic set up in 1951 developed into the National Hospital in Mahim, Mumbai. Today, it has evolved into the P. D. Hinduja National Hospital and Medical Research Centre, an ultra-modern tertiary care centre of international reputation.

The Hospital is a pioneer in technology application with many First's to its credit.

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P. D. Hinduja Sindhi Hospital

The Hinduja Foundation and the Hinduja National Hospital support the P. D. Hinduja Sindhi Charitable Hospital, Bangalore.

It is a modern, hi-tech referral hospital serving the community through generous funding and expertise from the mother hospital in Mumbai.

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Medical Grants

The Foundation provides financial assistance to patients undergoing treatment in different hospitals in Mumbai, Pune as well as in the P. D. Hinduja Sindhi Charitable Hospital, Bangalore.

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