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Like the Hinduja Foundation in India, in the UK its activities focus on education, healthcare, interfaith understanding and the arts.

The Hinduja Foundation in the UK has been operating for over thirty years during which time it had managed the Hinduja Cambridge Trust scholarship scheme for Asian students studying at the University of Cambridge, established Dharam Hinduja Indic Research Centre at Cambridge University's Faculty of Divinity, contributed to the UK's celebration of the new Millennium with the Faith Zone at the Millennium Dome, and supported the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.


Over the years in the UK, the Foundation has made donations to a number of healthcare charities, notably the Stroke Association, the Elton John Aids Foundation, Concerned for Mental Health, Clic Sergeant Cancer charity, the British Cardiac Research Trust and in 2015 King's College London's new Cancer Centre.

Furthermore, support has also been given to UK registered charities in healthcare operating outside the UK, notably the Leprosy Mission with the late Princess of Wales and its work in India and the Lebanese charity Give a Child a Toy which works to provide life-saving operations, the purchase of vital medical equipment, and the provision of essentials for various orphanages and children centres in Lebanon


University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge, London

Furthermore, a contribution was made the University College London (UCL) to their Professor Sir Malcom Grant Scholarship Fund, established following the retirement of its Provost, Professor Malcolm Grant.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award - 2005

The Hinduja Foundation signed an agreement to support the Duke of Edinburgh's Award for five years to 2010 and its activities and commitment to help young people and the personal development. The Hinduja Foundation's commitment will also help engage the Asian community into the Award's activities. Most recently, the Hinduja family welcomed its Chairman of Trustees, His Royal Highness the Earl of Wessex to Mumbai.

Donations have also been made to schools for scholarships, science laboratories and music school such as the Swaminarayan Hindu Mission School, where over many years the Foundation has funded scholarships for secondary school children attending the school.

Over the years, the Foundation has also collaborated with a number of HRH The Prince of Wales's charities including the Prince's Trust, the British Asian Trust and the Prince's Regeneration Trust.

Interfaith Understanding

Millennium Dome

Over many years the Foundation continues to support the work of a number of Hindu temples and organisations including the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Temple and the Hare Krishna ISKCON temples in London.

Arts and Culture

The Hinduja Foundation plays an active role in promoting cultural exchanges between the east and west, with the aim to further multicultural understanding between different peoples. In this regard the Foundation has contributed to a number of projects including

Philanthropy in India

The Foundation in the UK also supports a number of UK charities working in India including:

The Loomba Foundation

The Loomba Foundation, established by Lord (Raj) Loomba's helps widows and their children with the education by equipping widows with sewing machines to allow them to be trained and then earn a living. Money is given into a bank account directly to the widows, who are carefully monitored to give them funds for training and sending their children to school.

Concerned For Mental Health

GP Hinduja is Patron of Concerned for Mental Health charity and over a number of years the Hinduja Foundation has supported its work. Mental Health, often not recognised in India is serious – in May 2016, the British Medical Journal, estimated that one third of the world's mental health patients are in China and India, while less than one in ten patients suffering from mental disorders like anxiety, depression, dementia, epilepsy and substance use disorders receive any form of specialised help or treatment in India.

Furthermore, Rita Chhabria's Mukul Madhav Foundation has been working with Lady Hameed's charity – most recently in mid-November 2016 Concerned for Mental Health brought together a team of professionals and students from various institutes and hospitals for a three-day work shop in Pune.

The Lily Foundation

Back in September 2015, the Hinduja Foundation UK donated to Lady Mohini Noon's Lily Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to supporting the victims of child trafficking in India.

Lady Noon's charity works with partner organisations in India, notably the following:

Akshaya Patra Foundation UK

Back in 2015 the Hinduja Foundation supported a charity art auction, in aid of Akshaya Patra. Since 2000, the Akshaya Patra Foundation has worked to improve the lives of children born into poverty. Their Food for Education Programme is the world's largest non-profit school lunch scheme. Every day over 1.5 million children across India are fed a hot, nourishing school lunch which encourages them to come and stay in school, and so ensure that they remain healthy, grow and concentrate and learn in class. It is often the only proper meal they will receive that day.

Other organisations receiving Hinduja Foundation support include the following:

Europe and Africa

In Europe the Foundation made a total one million Euro commitment to become a founding patron of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, whose activities concentrate on climate change and global warming.

Meanwhile, in Africa, the Foundation lent its financial support to the Olusegun Obasanjo Foundation, established by the former President of Nigeria, which aims to tackle four critical areas of human security including food and nutrition, economic security and empowerment, gender equality and health security.

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