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India has a rich cultural heritage and valued traditions, especially that of philanthropy and service to others. Powered by this strong value of paying one's debt to society, the Group's founder, Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja, earmarked a majority portion of their personal wealth for the benefit of the less-fortunate.

Yet, even as he lived by these precepts, little must he have imagined that the culture of giving that he had initiated would spread beyond the shores of India. But today, the Hinduja Foundation has done exactly that, spreading its wings and growing into a truly multi-cultural charitable organization with roots in India, and branches in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The Foundation has supported a number of initiatives to preserve the cultural heritage of the nation, particularly projects presenting and highlighting the everlasting progressive values of the Indian subcontinent. This includes projects that uphold social wellbeing and healthcare, like long-term social welfare measures, swift help in times of crises and undertaking rural development projects to enhance the livelihood of rural communities with planned initiatives, activities and village infrastructure development.

In the sphere of education, the Hinduja Foundations in India, UK and US have each set up endowments that support several Indian students each year in India and abroad in prestigious universities, such as Cambridge University, UK and Columbia University, US.

The Journey


  • Phase II of the शाश्वत ग्रामSustainable Rural Development Program is led entirely by tribal women in a novel move. The 360 degrees farm-based interventions in the form of improved agriculture practices have brought large scale improvements in the quality of life of the tribal villagers. All farming in the project is now organic without use of chemical inputs.


  • The Foundation introduces a comprehensive शाश्वत ग्राम - Rural Development Program, through involving activities that support income generation and tackles underemployment in tribal villages.
  • The Hinduja Foundation Antiquity Collection was launched at a glittering function at the World Trade Centre, Mumbai on 15th October, 2015. Its first publication "Ancient Coins of India-The Lance Dane Bequest" was released on the occasion. Selected coins were exhibited at the Annual Philately Fair and later at the inauguration of Amravati City, Andhra Pradesh by the Prime Minister.


  • The Foundation constructs winter shelters for the Rehabilitation of Disaster Affected Persons in Uttarakhand, in the Himalayan heights, after the massive flooding and destruction of lives and property in June 2013.
  • Hinduja Foundation Antiquity Collection: The Collection comprises of coins, Indian art and artefacts including bronzes and stone sculptures, terracotta, wood carvings, textiles, beads, photo archives, rare books on the theme of the collection and paintings. The coin segment is a premier numismatic collection of the period 600BC ton 600AD, especially coins in copper and silver. Some coin series in the collection are very comprehensive like coinage of the Satavahana dynasty (150 BC to 250 AD) which is reputed to be the only collection of its kind worldwide. The Collection has many punch marked mudra series, the earliest coins of India.


  • Columbia University Medical School in New York establishes a fund for Alternative and Preventative Medical Research and Education at Columbia University Medical Center, through a bequest from the Hinduja Foundation.
  • The Hinduja Foundation institutes Scholarships for Children of Needy Widows in order to provide succour to poor and disadvantaged widows.


  • The Foundation establishes scholar selection through an endowment for the Dharam Hinduja Fellowship Fund, which supports the training of students from Indian Universities for PhD studies in Indian studies at South Asia Institute, Columbia University.
  • The Foundation introduces Mobile Healthcare Units in the tribal areas of Jawhar in Maharashtra. The mobile vans are fully equipped with basic pathological facilities, doctors, nurses and technicians and operate in a scheduled program providing quality healthcare services in tribal villages of the region.


  • An Ayurvedic Workshop is organized with Columbia University Medical College.


  • The Foundation sets up the Dharam Hinduja Medicine and Education Fund at the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University Medical Center, with a donation of $1,000,000.


  • The Foundation funds the publication of a catalogue of Sanskrit Manuscripts at Columbia University, the first detailed and scholarly catalogue of nearly 400 Sanskrit manuscripts at the University.


  • The Foundation sponsors the Millennium World Peace Summit, a historic gathering of the world's pre-eminent Religious and Spiritual Leaders at the United Nations.


  • The Foundation sets up the Dharam Hinduja Lectureship in Sanskrit Teaching and Indic Research at Columbia University.


  • The Hinduja Foundation establishes the ASCI - Hinduja Institute of Healthcare Management, Hyderabad in collaboration with the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) and the Johns Hopkins University, USA. The institute was also supported by the P. D. Hinduja National Hospital as a 'Centre of Excellence'.
  • The Foundation signs an agreement to provide financial assistance of £1,00,0000 to support the important Faith Zone in the huge Millennium Dome project in Greenwich.
  • The Foundation donates to the International Society of Krishna Consciousness Temple in Hertfordshire, the Swami Narayan Temple in Northwest London and the Venkateswara Balaji temple outside Birmingham.
  • The Foundation gives a Grant of £20,000 to the Leprosy Mission in memory of the late Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, to build vocational training centres in India.
  • The Foundation in the UK aids various efforts such as a program for cancer research and sick children through the Indo-British Macmillan Appeal, the Cancer Research Campaign and the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.
  • The Foundation signs an agreement with Cambridge University to become a significant donor to the Divinity Faculty's new building.
  • The Foundation sponsors the ISKON Hinduja Glory of India Vedic Cultural Centre, a state-of-the-art experience-exhibition created on Indian Vedic Culture created in New Delhi.


  • The Hinduja Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital create an exchange fellowship program, the John E. Lawrence Fellowship Program, for the purpose of enhancing and promoting professional, educational and cultural exchange between India and US.


  • The Foundation establishes the Hinduja Foundation Scholarships for Wards of Employees of Ashok Leyland & Hinduja Foundries. The Scheme offers 16 scholarships annually. The scholarship is available to students who secure admission to professional courses on merit.


  • The Foundation establishes Indic Research Centres at the Dharam Hinduja International Centres for Indic Research in India and the University of Cambridge in the UK in 1996.


  • The Foundation provides fifty Hinduja Foundation Scholarships for Wards of Employees of P. D. Hinduja National Hospital & Medical Research Centre for higher studies to meritorious children of the hospital staff, and one scholarship for a hospital employee desiring to pursue higher studies.


  • The Foundation sponsors a three year program, known as South Asia Business & Economics Course, at the prestigious Georgetown University.


  • The Foundation commissions the legendary Indian painter, MF Hussain, to create an inter-faith series of famous oil-on-canvas paintings titled 'Theorama'.
  • The Dharam Hinduja Indic Research Center is established at Columbia University to support research on India's ancient wisdom and knowledge.
  • The Hinduja Foundation consolidates its association with Cambridge University through two more programs and in a significant move, the Foundation establishes the Dharam Hinduja Institute of Indic Research within Cambridge University's Divinity Faculty.

1993 - 94:

  • From academic year 1993-94, the Hinduja Foundation initiated a scholarship scheme, Hinduja Foundation Scholarships for Post Graduate Studies in Ayurveda, for a deserving Post Graduate student in Ayurvedic Medicine.

Dharam Hinduja - AITA Tennis Academy


  • The Hinduja Foundation, in collaboration with the All India Lawn Tennis Association (AITA), established the Dharam Hinduja - AITA Tennis Academy in Delhi (1993-2000) with the aim of upgrading the skills of a number of promising tennis players, who subsequently made a mark at the national and international level.
  • The Hinduja Foundation institutes a Grant to the University of Pennsylvania for Wharton School Athletics.
  • The Dharam Hinduja International Centre of Indic Research for research into ancient Indian culture and its relevance to contemporary values is established in Delhi.


  • The Hinduja Foundation introduced cash awards and monthly stipends for the medal winners at the Olympiad's/Asiad's on their kit to encourage adopted sportspersons and their coaches.


  • The Hinduja Foundation joins forces with the Commonwealth Cambridge Trust, under the patronage of the Prince of Wales, to establish a seven year program with an endowment of £2,00,0000.
  • The Centre for India-US Education is established in New York, in cooperation with Asia Society to strengthen India-US understanding through educational activities.
  • The Hinduja Foundation (UK) establishes the Hinduja Cambridge Trust with an endowment fund of £2,00,0000 Sterling. The returns finance the Dharam Hinduja Cambridge Scholarships, instituted for Indian students desiring to pursue post graduate and doctoral studies at Cambridge University, U.K.
  • The Hinduja Foundation begins the Dharam Hinduja Merit Cum Means Scholarships to provide deserving Indian students of proven merit but limited means, the resources and encouragement for personality growth.


  • The Hinduja Foundation (US) co-founded the Harvard Hinduja Council in collaboration the Harvard School of Public Health. The Council aims to fund programs to develop innovative approaches to health issues in India.


  • The Hinduja Foundation is set up in the United States of America.


  • The Hinduja Foundation supports the start-up of the US Chapter of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and donates premises for their activities in the memory of Shri P. D. Hinduja.
  • The Hinduja Foundation donates US $2,00,0000 to set up the Hinduja Research Laboratory, Boston. This is a modern, fully equipped centre for research in Endocrinology, located in the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston. This donation is on the US Congressional record.


  • With donations from the Hinduja Foundation, the Sindhi Educational Society (Madras) establishes the Seth P. D. Hinduja Sindhi Model Secondary School in Chennai.


  • The Hinduja Foundation takes a leading role in setting up and upgrading P. D. Hinduja Sindhi Hospital, Bangalore, in collaboration with the Sindhi Youth Association, Bangalore.


  • Shri P. D. Hinduja, beloved Founder and philanthropist, passes away. He leaves behind a rich legacy of charitable service, a committed band of institutions and enterprises deeply conscious of their social responsibility, and a family brought up to believe that philanthropy is an honourable reward of business.


  • P. D. Hinduja registers the Hinduja Foundation on 3rd April, 1969. It was a public charitable trust with a broad spectrum of charitable objectives. Gradually, Hinduja Foundations presence was also established in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Seth Deepchand Gangaram Hinduja Health Care


  • Shri P. D. Hinduja sets up an outdoor clinic in Mumbai, named the 'Seth Deepchand Gangaram Hinduja Health Care' catering for refugees. This small outpatient facility eventually develops into the P. D. Hinduja National Hospital and Medical Research Centre, an ultramodern non-profit tertiary healthcare centre of international repute.


  • Witnessing the tragedy of partition of the Indian subcontinent, P. D. Hinduja pooled resources with his friends and led the way ahead by setting up relief centres, settlements, and medical care units for displaced and uprooted families.


  • Shri P. D. Hinduja establishes a charitable educational trust, the Shrimati Pahunchbai Deepchand Hinduja Trust, in memory of his mother, marking the beginning of structured charity. Today, this trust runs the well-known K.P.B. Hinduja College of Commerce in Mumbai.


  • Shri P. D. Hinduja takes the first steps in establishing the Hinduja Group as an Investment and Banking Group with a diversified global portfolio of holdings across manufacturing, services and banking sectors.
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